Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This must be test week. Last night we (meaning, everyone in the family but ME) had chili, which is one of my favorite foods.

Tonight "we" one-upped that, with perhaps my absolute favorite food. Tacos. I can polish off a dozen tacos in a single sitting, and sometimes still want more. If you gave me a choice of nearly any food, I'd select tacos. I'd take them over ice cream, doughnuts, pizza, chili, hot dogs, hamburgers, steak (well, most of the time), maybe even lobster and crab.

Well, okay, the lobster and the crab might edge them out only because those would be such a rarity.

But you get the idea. I really, really, really like tacos. When I walked in the door tonight, the scent of taco meat cooking on the stove top enveloped me, conjuring images of tacky little Mexican restaurant wall decorations, mariachi music playing over the speakers, all-you-can eat baskets of tortilla chips with salsa, and a big giant plate of tacos.

Last night, I made the mistake of lingering in the kitchen, hovering over the pots of chili, looking longingly at the bubbling concoction, which led to me very nearly wrecking the diet for the day. Nearly. But, as I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I turned away the temptation, taking only a single taste (well, okay, I had another after I posted the blog, but that was just two spoonfuls, and they weren't even big spoons).


I walked through the kitchen, glanced at the taco meat, then proceeded to dress, go to the gym and ride 14 miles on the exercise bike.

Then I came home, had a couple of lean turkey burgers (just the meat, no buns, cheese, or anything else) and some low-fat pork-n-beans.


Anyway, that was my evening.

Now, for my exercise and diet for the day...

Stationary Bike, 42 minutes (22 on lvl 5, rest on lvl 4)
14 miles
425 calories burned

Eats for the day...

Two whole eggs
Lean ham -- 2 ounces

Bottom round steak -- 4 ounces
Mixed Asian Veggies -- 1 cup

Fat-free Greek Yogurt

Lean turkey patties -- 2 (again, just the bare patties)
Pork-n-beans -- half a can.

Totals for the day
Calories -- 1,010
Fat -- 43 grams
Protein -- 133 grams

Water -- 80 ounces
Diet Soda -- 24 ounces

And that's about it for the day. Thanks for stopping by!

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