Sunday, March 20, 2016

Day 11 Report --- Losing Weight, Getting In Shape!

Well, for the second day in a row I'm publishing this one really, really late -- in fact, my Day 11 report, which was supposed to be for Saturday, isn't posting until Sunday morning.

Not to worry, it's the content of the report that's most important, not the timing, right?

Anyway, today I spent watching a lot of basketball, doing some writing, and, of course, getting a healthy does of exercise.

My workout for Saturday was cardio, and I'll jump right in here giving you the workout and calories breakdown for the day.

Cardio -- Stationary Bike
45 minutes (20 minutes at lvl 5, the rest at lvl 4)
15 miles
485 calories

Food for the day:


Fish (pollock) -- 4 ounces
Baked potato -- 6 ounces
Diet butter

5 ounces dark meat chicken

Eggs -- 2 whole
Lean ham -- 2 ounces
Hash Browns (no oil) -- 1 cup

Chicken -- 2 ounces (just had a hankering for a bit of something to eat)

Total for day
1270 calories
48 fat
91 protein.

Water - 70 ounces
Diet soda -- 30 ounces

Probably a little low for calories, horribly low on the protein.

Sorry I don't have a lot more today, but as you know, I'm running behind!

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