Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Changing Plans, Adjusting As I Go

My plans for the week, you might recall, were to forgo cardio Sunday after the leg workout, but do cardio every morning this week.

You know what they say about the best laid plans.

I did my cardio yesterday morning (Monday), but I was really tired all day, just worn out, feeling like I was running on about 4 hours sleep for two or three straight nights. Yet I've been getting about 7 hours' sleep the past three nights -- an improvement over what I generally do. Yet, I had the extreme fatigue. Even more puzzling, I was really sore, especially in the legs. Well, mostly in the legs. All day the soreness grew worse yesterday, and last night after my workout last night, I was simply wiped out.

Still, I figured another good night's sleep would have me good to go this morning. Only thing was, I didn't get a good night's sleep. Twice I woke up because of some knee pain. Or I should say the pain is what woke me -- yeah, it was strong enough to wake me up, send me scurrying to the medicine cabinet for a packet of Goody's (the pain killer, not doughnuts or hot wings). That second time I woke up I figured biking this morning was out. 

Funny thing, though, through the day I started feeling better, the soreness and extreme fatigue mostly went away and I was able to do some cardio on the bike tonight. That's great for getting cardio today, but there's no way I'm turning around in 10 hours and doing it again early in the morning, and I have back and biceps work tomorrow night, so I suppose I'm back to four cardio sessions this week -- assuming I get it done on Thursday and Friday.

That's not too bad, but I'm still puzzled about the soreness and fatigue. I expected that after my first leg workout, and after my second, but I really didn't think it would be this bad after the third leg workout. If you've been reading my blog, you know the name Mark Webster, better known as Some Dude Who Ate Like The Rock for 30 days. Early on in my weight loss and fitness plan he commented on my blog, suggesting I try some fish oil -- he thinks he had no soreness during his 30-Day Rock Workout plan because of all the cod he ate, an oily fish, along with the other food he took in. I haven't done that, but I'm thinking more and more about giving it a try. 

And now, for the day's results....

Stationary Bike -- 1 hour, 12 minutes (10 minutes at level 4, 12  minutes at level 6, rest at level 5)
25 miles
800 calories

Food for the day
Eggs -- 1 whole, 2 whites
Flatbread (I had an egg sandwich with that bread that's made of quinoa, whole wheat, millet, and some other bird seed or something)

Lean pork -- 4.5 ounces
Mixed veggies 3/4 cup
Sweet potato -- 4 ounces

Fat Free Greek Yogurt

First Dinner
Ground chicken (taco flavored) -- 2 ounces
Cheese -- 1/4 cup
Black beans -- 1/2 cup
Lettuce/Spinach mixture

Second Dinner
Sirloin Steak -- 5.3 ounces
Sweet potato -- 5.3 ounces
Diet butter -- 1 tablespoon

Granola -- 2/3 cup
2% milk -- 6 ounces

Total for the day (so far, may have a snack later, will update if I do)
Calories -- 1,635
Fat grams -- 44
Protein -- 167 grams

Water - 120 ounces 
Diet soda -- 24 ounces

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