Thursday, April 21, 2016

Belt Tales and New Pants

Maybe my latest blog ever -- it's well after noon now, and I'm just now getting around to writing about yesterday. Blame Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and the hour-and-a-half my wife and I spent on the phone with them this morning (with little resolved). I have for some time considered Comcast the absolute most incompetently run, customer-antagonistic company on the face of the earth (the link will take you to a story that shows they twice ranked lower than the IRS in customer satisfaction), but I gotta tell ya, BCBS of North Carolina is making a hard run for the title (that link will take you to one of numerous stories of THOUSANDS of complains against the company filed just this year).

Anyway, putting that aside for now, and combining a bit of news from yesterday and today, I have more belt news! (A Fat Boy Story aficionados will recall my other Mr. Miyago-inspired belt blogs here, here, and here) 

Yesterday I noticed my pants were doing that funny little thing again, when the top kinda rolls downward, and I realized my belt was too loose. Thinking I'd accidentally slipped the little belt thingy in the second hole instead of the third (what do you call that little metal belt part, anyway?), I check was on hole three. So now, just six weeks after not even being close to being able to wear my belt, I'm on hole 4!

Of course, that makes my pants bunch up kinda funny, and I realized that they were too big as well (keep in mind, these are pants I couldn't even wear six weeks ago). So I pulled a new pair out of the closet, a pair my wife bought a couple of months ago that I couldn't even buckle then, and they fit!

This morning, armed with this newfound realization my clothes were all getting too big for me, I decided to do something I haven't done since the beginning -- take a few measurements. I won't bore you with all the details, but my waist is 5 inches smaller, my neck is a full 1 1/8 inches smaller, heck I'm even 2 inches smaller across the chest despite actually getting stronger in the weight room on lifts primarily involving the chest.

Yeah, this weight loss thing is going pretty good right now.

Yesterday I didn't do any cardio (by design), but I did a pretty decent chest, shoulders and triceps workout with my son. It was his second workout back since missing three weeks with a bit of a toe injury (well, TWO toe injuries), and I have to say he did quite well -- I'm doing more sets than I was when he went out, and he kept right up with me. Then again, he's more than 30 years younger than I am.

Here's what I did yesterday.

Weight training
Dumbbell flat bench press
60-pound dumbbells -- 1 set, 10 reps
90-pound dumbbells -- 2 sets, 8 reps each
85-pound dumbbells -- 2 sets, 8 reps each (well, maybe 7-1/2 on that last one)

Include dumbbell press
60-pound dumbbells -- 2 sets, 8 reps each

Seated machine chest flye
140 pounds -- 2 sets, 10 reps each

Seated barbell press
95 pounds -- 1 set, 8 reps
105 pounds - 1 set, 8 reps

Machine side raise
115 pounds -- 2 sets, 10 reps each

Seated Machine Rear Deltoid Flyes
145 pounds -- 1 set, 10 reps
140 pounds -- 1 set, 10 reps

Cable pressdown
150 pounds
1 set, 15 reps
1 set, 12 reps
1 set, 10 reps

Now for the food!

Eggs (1 whole, 2 whites)
A pear

Homemade teriyaki sesame chicken & noodles (4 ounces boiled chicken breast, 1 serving whole-wheat noodles, 1/2 cup veggies, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, 1 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce all mixed together)

Fat free Greek yogurt

Snack 2
Protein bar

Dinner 1
4 ounces boiled chicken breast
1 cup salad/lettuce mixture
1 tablespoon fat-free dressing

Dinner 2
Tilapia -- 4 ounces
Corn on the cob -- 1 ear
Diet butter -- 1 tablespoon

Snack (I was really hungry today!)
Granola -- 2/3 cup
Skim milk -- 1 cup

Totals for the day

1,615 calories
36 grams of fat
154 grams of protein

Water -- 70 ounces
Diet soda -- 36 ounces (one day I'm going to cut these out)

Thanks for stopping by! Any questions? Leave those in the comment section and I'll answer!

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