Friday, May 6, 2016

Ready For The Big Weekend (Or, How Many Times Can Plans Change?)

All those plans I outlined yesterday to shift things around to get all of my weight training and most of the cardio this week, in light of the weekend plans (YEAH ERICA -- my oldest getting her bachelor's degree Saturday!!!)?

That's changed again. We're having to leave earlier than I had anticipated tomorrow, and the gym doesn't open until 8 on Saturday mornings, so no cardio tomorrow or Sunday. Oh, well, I still managed to get the weight training in -- even a little extra on the legs this week. My biggest challenge, of course, will be on the eating front this weekend. Somehow, some way, I'll stay clean -- I'm just a few days away from that 30-day cleaning eating mark!

Today was a pretty blah day -- long day at work, normal workout (though having to make a few concessions to a sore forearm), and lower-than-normal eating.

Here was my day:

Stationary Bike -- 52 minutes
18 miles
675 calories

I did this a little differently today. Usually I select a "manual" program, and punch in just a constant level of resistance and go all-out most of the time, bumping the resistance up a little higher for a few minutes during the session.

Today I selected the "interval training" program, and while it was okay, I really didn't feel like I worked as hard. It started out at level 2 for a minute, level 3 for two minutes, and at the end went to level 3 for two minutes and level 2 for the final minute. In between, the program would have me at level 4 for three or four minutes, followed by level 7 for four minutes, then back to 4, repeating that cycle. 

I might try it again, but if I do I'm going to set it for slightly higher levels.

Weight training
Back and biceps

Seated machine row
130 pounds -- 1 set, 10 reps
200 pounds -- 2 sets, 8 reps each

Wide-grip row
160 pounds -- 3 sets, 8 reps each

Bent-over dumbbell row
60 pounds -- 1 set 10 reps each

Biceps -- didn't do much here, just a token set, because of the forearm.
Curl bar curls
50 pounds,1 set of 10 reps

Seat machine crunch
125 pounds -- 2 sets of 15 reps each.

Food for the day

Eggs -- 1 whole, 2 whites
Lean ham -- 2 ounces

Lean pork loin -- 4 ounces
Mixed veggies -- 2/3 cup
Fat free Greek Yogurt 

Fat Free Greek Yogurt

Chicken breast cook in olive oil -- 3 ounces
Cheese -- 1/4 cup
Salsa -- 2 tablespoons
Salad mix

Granola -- 1 cup
Almond milk -- 1 cup

1,095 calories
30 grams fat
96 grams protein 
Wow, I had no idea I was that low on everything until calculating it all here. Well, I did say I was trying to cut down a bit over these past several days, just in case we have a few extra calories tomorrow.

Water -- 80 ounces
Diet soda -- 24 ounces

That's about it. Very light day on eating, though I'll probably have another snack before bed -- if I do, I'll update the list.

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