Monday, April 3, 2017

60 in 60 April Fool's!

Those of you reading this blog may remember last week, I think it was Thursday, I started a little program called 60 in 60, which was really about dropping 48 pounds in 60 days.

Well, APRIL FOOL's -- I really wasn't starting Thursday. I'm starting today.

Okay, that's not entirely accurate. I did start Thursday, just as I outlined in that day's blog. And Friday was going along just fine and dandy, I had eaten healthy all day and arrived home Friday evening ready to head to the gym and that's when I saw our driveway was full of cars.

Seems we had a visitor. A young man who's a close friend with most of my kids, who's in the Army, was home for a short leave. My sons wanted to put off our workout until Saturday, so they could hang around with him, and by the time all was said and done we took the crew out for a late Mexican dinner.

So much for the diet or the workout, right?

Then Saturday morning I realized we were really, really low on groceries. Never start a new eating plan the day before grocery day.

So, I just scrapped the whole thing and decided to OFFICIALLY start the 60 in 60 today, Monday, April 3 (although we did get a good weight workout on Saturday anyway).

Now, I realize, especially given my track record of, shall we say, less than stellar success at this weight loss and fitness thing, this is not an auspices start to my 60-in-60 program.

But, today I'm back on the eating plan, with a date at the gym tonight. And, I did lose a few pounds over the past four days anyway, though we're not going to count those. We'll start today, with a new weight in of 282.8.

So, my first goal here is to come in at 271.8 a week from now, and overall to come in at 234.8 within 60 days.

Starting TODAY (really, truly, the real deal this time, I mean it...)

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